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By host on 26/08/2010 06:58
We have been working on a movement screen for a while
By host on 26/08/2010 06:52
Men's Health are coming to Elite Fitness
By host on 26/08/2010 06:40
Up and down week with bike repairs and bad weather featuring heavily this week.
By host on 17/08/2010 16:10
Greg's Garmin file from skyline on Saturday 14th August.

By host on 17/08/2010 16:07
Big well done to Peter Thacker
By host on 11/08/2010 11:16
We are now moving into a more structured training regime - follow our progress here
By host on 11/08/2010 11:12
Monday's session @ Victoria Park Cardiff is listed below. Class starts at 6.30pm Monday's, we tend to meet near the football pitch.
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