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By Lins on 05/08/2014 09:19
The Group Effect

Are you training to see improvements? Do you often repeat the same workout and maybe lack inspiration when it comes to training? Would you find it useful to train in a group rather than relying on your mate to turn up or training on your own?

Well there is a solution.

Small Group Training (SGT)

Small Group Training in a variety of different formats and names is now the biggest growing trend in fitness and looks to continue to grow in popularity. 

First off group training not only adds motivation and competition with one another, but drives you to further increase your performance than what you would achieve by yourself (Hodges and Carron., 1992). Group training offers the element of support and camaraderie that drags you out of bed early morning to come to the gym.

For us at Elite Fitness we believe that Small Group Training (SGT) is one of the most important developments to happen here. It gives our members the chance to try different types of training...
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