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Author: Created: 18/09/2012 19:59
What we've been eating this week!
By Lins on 06/12/2013 08:39
After our successful first seminar through Elite Fitness Educates....
By Lins on 30/11/2013 14:47
'As a spectator at the last three Fight Night Extravaganzas, I finally run out of excuses and succumb to Simon Harling's taunts and emails .  As the great Ali said ‘he who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life’.

For the past 9 years I have focused on different fitness challenges but one has kept me as driven as white collar boxing!  Although the actual fight only lasts 6 mins, the training has been a real challenge both mentally and physically.

My weekly training schedule of 3 aerobic sessions and 5 boxing sessions, has undoubtedly taken my body to the best overall fitness I have ever experienced.  As my confidence increases weekly I still find myself worrying as fight night approaches.  Its not about the losing or getting hurt it’s the potential humiliation in front of 30 mates!

Its very hard to think positively when you know over 400 people will be watching 2 men fighting as hard as they can, but I will try to remember what Tyson says…

‘I'm scared every time I go into the ring, buts its how you handle it.  What you have to do is plant your feet, bite down on your mouthpiece and say ‘Lets go!’”

By Lins on 14/11/2013 14:32
Andy has been called is In huge demand as an adviser, mentor and performance coach to high performing individuals in diverse professions, including some of the UK’s highest profile international sports stars and coaches and consultant to the Welsh Rugby Union and staff member for the Wales Team at the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Previously an award-winning teacher of physical education, he is in demand as an adviser, mentor and performance coach to high performing individuals from many walks of life including some of the UK’s highest-profile sports stars. He has also been involved in international and World Championship events as a competitor, coach and referee.


With a passion for helping individuals understand how they best learn and feel empowered to perform on the world stage, Andy is an accomplished conference key note speaker, with specialities in the development of mental toughness/readiness in high performance/challenging situations, His accessible style...
By Lins on 06/11/2013 11:32
Whats different to the old format....
By Lins on 27/10/2013 23:00
All the details of our revamped Small Group Training programme including timetables, prices and example work outs....
By Lins on 30/09/2013 19:38
How did you choose what to wear today....?
By Lins on 30/09/2013 19:01
What is it all about....
By Lins on 30/09/2013 18:32
I will beat my ass today to kick yours tomorrow...
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