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Author: Created: 18/09/2012 19:59
What we've been eating this week!
By Lins on 29/06/2014 19:59
Fitter Faster Stronger FAQ

2.     How will Fitter Faster Stronger benefit my child? But my child is already taking part in sport, why do they need this as well?

3.     What does a Fitter, Faster, Stronger Membership involve?

4.     How old does my child need to be?

5.     Does my child need to have a sporting background?

6.     What do these sessions involve?

7.     Does that mean he will be lifting weights?

8.     What days and times are the FFS classes

9.     Does my child need to attend every single class?

10.  Can my child also take part in the teen fitness classes?

11.  How do I book onto a FFS session or a teen fitness class

12.  Who will be delivering these sessions?

13.  Does my child need to bring anything to session?

14.  What is Functional Movement Screening and why is it used?

15.  What is Physical Competency Assessment and why is it used?


1.     How will Fitter, Faster,...
By Lins on 29/06/2014 19:11
As a child growing up, I would spend hour after hour outside playing. Desperately trying to be like those sporting heroes I would see on the T.V.  I would spend what must have seemed to an outsider an absurd amount of time trying to “bend the ball like Beckham” or hit a back-hand like Roger Federer. Fiercely determined to mimic those individuals I considered masters of movement, people who moved with such control and precision it had looked magical. This, I suppose, is how I first became interested in the way in which people move, and its importance to all of us.

In spite of my never-dwindling enjoyment and subsequent further education in sport, health and exercise, it wasn’t until college that I began to consider the possibility that this life-long interest could be a genuine potential career path. As I continued to progress through levels of education, finally culminating  in the completion of an MSc in Performance Coaching,  I was fortunate enough to be provided with the opportunity to work with Cardiff...
By Lins on 03/04/2014 09:45
Ez Facility an easy guide to register yourself and book classes
By Lins on 30/03/2014 11:24
Jessie Hutchings was born and raised in Los Angeles, California to a musician father and a yogini Mother.   

Jessie was very fortunate to grow up practicing all types and styles of yoga with some of the most inspirational yoga teachers in the world. Whether it it was Kundalini, Iyengar, Anusara or Vinyasa, Jessie was always most at peace and at home on her yoga mat.  At Natasha Rizopoulos' encouraging, in 2005 Jessie completed the 100 hour YogaWorks 'Roots of Yoga' training followed by the renowned YogaWorks 200 hour Teacher Training Course in 2006 run by instructors Natasha Rizopoulos and Jeanne Heileman. She has been living in Cardiff now for several years and has built a great following within the local yoga cricuit and is highly though of amongts the teaching community - she is skilled in teaching both beginners and advanced yogis - after a short break to have her baby girl she is back and ready to continue spreading the yoga word! Jessie teaches a fluid Vinyasa yoga with precise Iyengar inspired...
By Lins on 06/03/2014 20:06

Are you training to see improvements? Do you often repeat the same workout and maybe lack inspiration when it comes to training? Would you find it useful to train in a group rather than relying on your mate to turn up or training on your own?

By Lins on 03/03/2014 19:52
A word from Obi Obadike - World Famous Fitness Model and Trainer
By Lins on 04/02/2014 09:23
Roha Yoga with Katy (Sanskrit word for blossom) Katy has been practicing yoga for over ten years and is a qualified RYT200 Yoga Alliance, she is a UK Hatha yoga teacher who trained with the traditional school Yoga Vidya Ashram, India.

Katy teaches relaxing hatha yoga which has been adapted to include more dynamic and strengthening elements including core work. The class will have both flowing sequences and calm moments of holding and developing your practice with specific poses. Suitable for beginners and more experienced practitioners, pose will be adapted to the right level for you.

She has taught recently in London, Kent and Columbia - and has now relocated to Cardiff to complete a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy - so you are getting the whole package! Katy is taking 2 trial classes with us here at Elite on Wednesday 12th Feb at 7pm, and Sunday 16th Feb at 10am - these are free classes, so we can all get to know eachother.  Katy will also be taking 1-2-1 sessions in...
By Lins on 21/01/2014 11:18
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