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A few more reasons why Sponsoring an event is great Marketing plan...

Aug 15

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Now we have gone through creating, developing and enhancing your credibility as well as achieving some highly targeted marketing, and media exposure here is another reason why sponsoring an event is a brilliant marketing strategy.

  1. Brand awareness and recognition

 Logo and website placement in a variety of places such flyers, direct mail, brochures, website, email marketing campaigns, tickets, signage etc will add to increased brand awareness.

Elite Fitness distributes over 5000 double-sided colour flyers, and 1000 A3 posters every single Fight Night event twice a year, logos on vests, toblerones and corner pads are seen both online and in copies of City Life Cardiff, http://www.citylifecardiff.co.uk/ as well as our official event programme seen by 500 people on the night of the event!

Not only will your logo be seen surrounding the event but if you come onboard with us permanently our boxing training area and billboard advertising will expose your business to our entire membership base at Elite Fitness.

 Being recognized as a sponsor for an authentic and continually successful event will communicate value and support with the audience at the event.

Previous sponsors include:

Bibby Financial Services


 Greenaway Scott Solicitors


 Ethos Creative Services


You too can be a part of Elite Fitness Fight Night - get your local business seen by thousands of local people, whilst supporting a local event, and raising money for Bright Futures http://www.elitefitness.co.uk/bright/

 Sponsorship packages range from £120 to £900 – email us at info@elitefitness.co.uk to register your interest in being one of our sponsors for Elite Fitness Fight Night 15.

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