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The finale to why sponsoring an event is a great marketing plan....

Aug 15

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Now we have gone through creating, developing and enhancing your credibility as well as achieving some highly targeted marketingmedia exposure and brand awareness and recognition here is another reason why sponsoring an event is a brilliant marketing strategy.

  1. Community involvement and Giving Back

 Larger and more established corporations that get involved with local events will be sending a message to the attended that they are genuinely interested in providing support. Companies that show generosity for a cause will spark more human interestand peak to the audience.

Elite Fitness Fight Night is organized to raise funds for Bright Futures.


This is a fund that supports four local young athletes a year to improve their performance in their chosen sports, including those that have generally been less well-funded. Since its inception several years ago Elite Fitness has funded five young Welsh National Representatives through this scheme in sports from Rowing and Canoeing to Squash and Athletics.


Elite Fitness Fight Night has also provided a platform for John Williams Commercial Director of Paramount Interiors, Cardiffhttp://paramountinteriors.com to raise £10,000 for Macmillan Cancer Care, a charity close to his heart.

You too can be a part of Elite Fitness Fight Night - get your local business seen by thousands of local people, whilst supporting a local event, and raising money for Bright Futures http://www.elitefitness.co.uk/bright/

 Sponsorship packages range from £120 to £900 – email us at info@elitefitness.co.uk to register your interest in being one of our sponsors for Elite Fitness Fight Night 15.

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Re: The finale to why sponsoring an event is a great marketing plan....

I love your article! I surmise that it is critical for representatives and business as a rule to help others. On the off chance that we are speaking here about sport I think in the event that it is workable for them, specialists need to wind up supporters. In the cutting edge world it is entirely hard to achieve the best by your very own endeavors, now and again you have insufficient cash to pay for the title.

By Dissertation help on   05/10/2018 07:29

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