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When Love and Skill Work Together, Expect a Masterpiece!

Feb 21

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When Love And Skill Work Together, Expect A Masterpiece!


Have you ever fancied learning how to box, but just havent been able to find the right place to train?


Perhaps youre worried that if you simply walk into any old gym, you could end up being used as some bullys punch bag? Which does sometimes happen!


Or maybe youve even tried boxing in the past, but ended up at some run down spit and saw dust boxing club, that clearly had their favourites”… Which likely left you hitting an old punch bag covered in tape and never really learning anything new?


This is actually very common story for many people we speak to who want to get into boxing.....


So its not your fault. Thats just how some clubs like to run things.


However, at Elite Fitness, we like to do things a little differently.


We pride ourselves at not only providing excellent training facilities, that youll actually enjoy training in, but to make things even better, we also offer first class boxing training, headed up by our own in-house experienced boxing coach and trainer Mark Randall.


Mark knows what it is like to learn how to box, having been a competitive amateur boxer in his youth.


And after his many years of experience in the ring, he now shares his love for boxing every week, as he empowers all his students to develop and grow their own boxing skills.


Heres what some of Marks students, Sion Pugh, had to say about what its like to train with him.


"I had never boxed before so decided to sign up for the 6 week Contender training and with every passing week it became more likely that I would sign up for Fight Night as I was enjoying the training and the fact that I was learning a new skill.

The Fight Night training was more intense especially the sparring, but my fitness improved greatly and my body became more toned. Mark did a great job in pushing us to the limit with regard to the fitness sessions i.e. Met Con, and with the help of Lee, they both pointed out where we could improve in terms of boxing technique. At the end of it all I can't believe I actually entered the ring in front of 300+ people and boxed 3 rounds. It is all a credit to the staff at Elite Fitness, especially Mark. Elite Fitness is a gym that cares about the individuals progress. The staff take part in the classes and it may sound a bit corny, but when you step into the gym you feel like you're part of something, a family almost."


And heres what Matt Snelus had to say after Mark took him under his wing.


"Having played a lot of rugby over the years and always keen on keeping fit I saw it as a challenge that I wanted to undertake.  Being a total "combat virgin" prior to signing up, I was very much venturing into the unknown but of course had some pretty vivid preconceptions. I can categorically say it hasn't disappointed and I have loved every minute of it! This is down to the training staff, the intensity of the training itself and learning a new skill which pushes me to my limits. I lost 4kg in 5 weeks and feel like a new man (the wife's happy too as she gets to feel a new man also), which is a bonus! :-)

If you were to approach me and say should you do this, then I'd have to say for just the training, new skills I have learnt and the way you feel at the end at the end of each session, absolutely no shadow of a doubt. "

Now what also makes us unique is that all our members get equal treatment.


And yes, that includes you too, should you decide to give us a go.


Youll be welcomed into the Elite family and treated like one of our own.


Regardless of your skill level or past boxing experience.


This means, no matter how much or how little boxing experience you have, Mark and rest of the boxing team will make sure that you learn how to box in a way that will have you learning and growing each and every session


Youll be excited about coming back for more after each session.


See, we dont just have the skills. We have the passion for teaching them. And thats what creates a real environment for learning and mastering skills.


As author John Ruskin once said When Love And Skill Work Together, Expect A Masterpiece!






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