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Small group Training: The August group finishes - what are the results?!

Sep 17

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17/09/2010 12:31  RssIcon

So the August Group finished a few weeks ago - and the September group have done a couple of sessions already!

Here's the round up of Bikini Summer Surprise (The August Starters!)

The 4 contenders in this round being: Denise, Rachelle, Jo and Sarah.

Between them they lost 5 inches off their hips, 7 inches off their waist, and 6 inches off their thighs!

Our biggest Loser being Jo Brooks! Congratulations girls!!

Our next round has begun already with a fully booked class - twice a week!

These contenders (and returners, because they loved it so much!) are:

Denise, Sarah, Helen and Rachelle on a Monday night and Emma, Mariella, Jo and Layla on a Wednesday

So Work Hard Girls You Have A Whole 18 inches to get off to beat the August crew!

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