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New Timetable

Sep 10

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10/09/2010 14:09  RssIcon

So the new timetable has kicked off with a vengence!

ZUmba is back with temporary instructor, Rachel, so there was a lot of fun and whooping to be had last night with the girls!

Not only that but also Glee Dance Fitness has been proving more and more popular, especially with our non members, with a full class for the last 4 weeks - Im even considering putting it on for another night once October comes around.

Ballet Body Conditioning starts with the lovely Hannah next week - so come down and give that a go, she'll get you finding those muscles you thought youd lost in your legs, and hips!

So make sure you have alook at our new timetable and give us a call to try out some of the new offerings we have ready to go....

More class coming soon, I have some new ideas in the pipeline so keep an eye out for some more exciting changes!

Lins :)

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