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Small Group Training: Bikini Summer Surprise Weeks 1, 2 and 3

Jul 27

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27/07/2010 12:48  RssIcon

Week 1:

Lisa weighed and measured her 4 new SGT's ready to see how they improved over the next 6 weeks.

A big welcome to Sarah, Jo, Denise and Rochelle to Elite Fitness and WATCH OUT!

The girls started with a mixed circuit so Lisa could gauge waht kind of level everyone was working at, and hit them hard with some interval cardio training at the end.

Week 2:

The girls were given some diets to look at and get some ideas with different healthy recipes.

A harder circuit, and some spinning work came into play this week.  They were carrying powerbags, doing boxercise and lifting weights!

Week 3:

Here's the first big surprise - a gentle warm up and a run down to Victoria Park, some outdoor fitness bootcamp workouts in the park, and a run back up to us!

Lisa was chuffed to bits - the girls did really well!

Half way through and another 3 weeks to go!

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