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Fight Night 14 - Sion Pugh took part and tells us all about it....

Aug 15

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15/08/2016 10:49  RssIcon

Sion Pugh boxed at Fight Night 14 - he came to us unsure whether it was for him or not, he joined Contender - our pre Fight Club skills and fitness 6 week course, and never looked back!! Here is what he said.... 

"I had never boxed before so decided to sign up for the 6 week Contender training and with every passing week it became more likely that I would sign up for Fight Night as I was enjoying the training and the fact that I was learning a new skill.

The 9 week Fight Night training was more intense especially the sparring, but my fitness improved greatly and my body became more toned. Mark did a great job in pushing us to the limit with regard to the fitness sessions i.e. Met Con, and with the help of Lee, they both pointed out where we could improve in terms of boxing technique. At the end of it all I can't believe I actually entered the ring in front of 300+ people and boxed 3 rounds. It is all a credit to the staff at Elite Fitness, especially Mark. Elite Fitness is a gym that cares about the individuals progress. The staff take part in the classes and it may sound a bit corny, but when you step into the gym you feel like you're part of something, a family almost."

Whether you are looking to learn a new skill, improve your fitness, focus your training or tick getting in the ring off your bucket list then - this is the event for you!

Elite Fitness Fight Night 15 have training spaces available NOW!

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