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Oct 28

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Zumba Eliminates Stress and Promotes Fitness

- by Jim Rollince from Gym Source

Dancing is something that is fun to do, but can also get you into fantastic shape. Whether its belly, salsa, or even break, dancing will shed pounds and work muscles that normally aren’t touched by generic routines. Usually, if you want to lose the pounds quick and get healthy you have to jump on treadmills or sweat it out on octane elliptical, among other machines at the gym. Now, while these machines work wonders to help you lose weight they don’t make you any better of dancer. However, now there is a new fitness program that works all areas of your body, helps you to shed pounds, and helps you to move beautifully all over the dance floor. That program is the new and popular  Zumba.

Zumba’s motto is “ditch the workout, join the party” and while this isn’t completely true (there’s no argument from anyone who’s done it that it is a complete work out), it wants to stress that going to the gym or working out from home doesn’t have to be something that is seen as a chore. Health and fitness isn’t something that should be a pain even though it does cause a lot of it. Instead, Zumba argues that there’s no reason you can’t have a great time while getting into great bodily shape. What the program offers is a remarkably uplifting and energetic atmosphere for all involved, filled with upbeat music that pushes you to test your dexterity. Albeit eloquently simple at the beginner’s stage, Zumba also tests your mimicking skills, further allowing you to become more apt to following instructions.

The argument is that the more people want to work out, the more they will, and with Zumba you can take away a lot more then just a great looking body; now you’ve got dance moves that can be used anytime you hit the town!

Sure, lifting weights can build your muscles and running laps can build your stamina and speed but both of those usually leave you unable to get out of bed the next morning (and reluctant to want to go back to the gym and go through all of it again). Rather than that, Zumba uses Latin music and dance moves to make exercise something you want to look forward to. The program involves videos and classes that combine the rhythm of Latin music with burning off fat in one easy workout.

Worried about being the only person dancing at the gym?

Have no fear! Zumba is one of the biggest sensations to hit the gyms in a long, long time. As of May 2010, the program has been taught in over 60,000 locations in 105 countries worldwide. This is not to mention the millions of DVDs sold and 7.5 million people affected by the workout. Getting in shape has always been beneficial but now with a program like Zumba, it is beneficial both for getting in shape and rhythm. Although considered trendy by some, Zumba will likely be here to stay.

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