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10 Secrets of the Super Healthy...

Nov 28

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Ever wondered why some people never get colds or are ill in bed?

The average person feels stressed, impatient and tired, has or does suffer from sleeping issues, digestive problems and has poor immunity - the good news is you can go from being average to super healthy!  A holistic approach to the body helps restore balance in bology and mind - here's a few tips that will help...

1. Perfect Digestion.

Its important you fine tune your digestion to ensure that all nutrients are absorbed and also to help you identify what you may be intolerant too.

What to do:  Try to ID and then eliminate food inteolerances.  Take a probiotic daily to boost gut health and finally chew your food properly to ensur eparticles are properly digested.

2. Balance Blood Sugar Levels

The key to loosing weight and boosting energy levels is making sure you have a stable flow of glucose in your bloodstrem.  If you have too much, the excess is removed and sent to the liver to store as fat and if you have too little you feel tired, hngry or grumpy.

What to do:  Graze on low GI foods at the right time and in the right combination-for example fruit with yoghurt or even kippers on toast!

3.  Improve your mood

Your ability to stay focused, improve your mood and minimise your risk of disease depends on your intake of B vitamins - essential for a bodily process called methyation, which helps to balance everything from blood sugar, adrenaline and to cholesterol.

What to do: Take a high strenght multivitamin supplemtn containing B6, folic acid, B12 and load up on green veg.

4.  Increase anti-aging antioxidants

Studies show that peolple who eat 5 or more pieces of fruit a day and veg daily are more likely to have optimum health than those that do not.  If you smoke or eat processed food your cells will create harmful oxidants which can be detrimental to health.

What to do:  Fill at least half your plate with raw or lightly cooked veg, exercise for at least 30 mins a day and use a vit a, and vit c rich moistruizer!

5.  Eat Essentail Fats

Essential Omega-3 fats improve brain functions and make your heart, arteries and immune system work better as well as improving skins condition and protecting against memory loss.

What to do:  Aim to eat 2 to 4 servings of oily fish a week e.g. salmon, mackerel, sardines or plax and pumpkin seeds every day and ideally an essential fat supplement.

6.  Stay Hydrated

Water supports digestion, transportation and use of nutrients plus it helps get rid of toxins and waste from the body.  Not drinking enough causes lethargy, and a lcka of concentration, makes your skin dry out and can cause constipation.

What to do:  You need at least 8 glasses of water a day.  Carry a bottle a bottle of water around with you and drinka glass with each meal and throughout the day.

7.  Keep fit, strong and supple

Finding the balance between body and mind is one of the best routes to health, it helps reduce body fat, stave off stress and depression and also helps prevent the deterioration of the brain.

What to do:  Exercise can raise yoru metabolic rate for up to 15 hours afterwards.  The best exercfises for maintaining suppleness are yoga and pilates, whhile aerobic exercise such jogging, cycling and swimming will improve CV health and burn calories.

8.  Generate Vital Energy

Boosting energy is more that follownig the right diet and exercising.  T'ai Chi or qigont, breathing and meditation techniques are great to help create vital energy.  Many  of the longest living populaitons have energy regenerating proactices incorporated in to daily life. 

What to do:  Try a T'ai CHi class or take up yoga to help promote relaxation.

9.  Find your Meaning

Yes - it sounds wishy washy!  But carrying emotional baggage and being unhappy is ahuge drain on your resources of health, energy and spontaneity.

What to do: Identify and let go of negative feelins and negative patterns in your llife.  You can write a diary, designate thinking time or even just ssitting down and talking to a friend will help.

10.  Find Your Purpose

Having a sense of purpose whether its following a specific profession or finding out what you are good at, this will you help you feel fulfilled.

What to do:  Try out new hobbies, and get involved in some new projects - try that one thing youve always wanted to do!!

Well guys I hope this has helped - even if its just a little bit!

Lins :)

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