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What is Small Group Training (SGT)...?

Nov 5

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05/11/2010 16:07  RssIcon

Small Group Training, otherwise known as SGT is the new craze hitting Elite Fitness!

Its the stepping stone between classes and personal training - it has the same group , and comradery feeling as classes, as you have other girls to train with and share the experience, and yet it still promotes the personalized approach to fitness - because at the end of the day we are all different! 

It is also popular in terms of cost! Personal Training has the reputation for being expensive, and only for celebrities - this is most definatly not true!  The majority of our female clients here are Elite Fitness, are working mums, house wives, and shift workers looking for a bit of structure to their training, guidance from professionals and knowing that we are going to call them if they don't show up to the gym is a great incentive!!

The 6-week course we run for SGT - Currently Little Black Dress Workout - is hugely popular with girls aged from 18 to 60, all looking for a change and that little extra push and at £50 for the whole 6 weeks, including health, lifestyle advice as well as a diet/nutrition plan - you can't go wrong!

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