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Boxing Athletic by Elite Fitness : Producing Athletes and Boxers since 2003

How do you become athletic and better at boxing?
Boxing is a sport which encourages athleticism and coordination, timing and mobility all the skills that we require to be maintained in life and without taking part in a sport we lose.
Finding a program that helps you develop athleticism and boxing skills under one roof with limited availability of time is a challenge we think we have matched.

If you want to become fitter and a better boxer then Boxing Athletic is for you because we provide you with the resources you need to work at your own pace to progress.
We have developed the complete Athletic Boxing Training Resources for anyone busy with work and life.

    • 10 week modules with coursework and workouts to help you become a better boxer
    • Grading standards to measure your boxing skill progression
    • Together with fitness standards to keep you on track

We find the quickest way to learn a new skill and develop quickly is to jump into a small group session each week with our coach to speed up your learning and troubleshoot your fixes.

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Choose a day and time that works for you and join 3 others in a 10 week course to become Boxing Athletic

Who is Boxing Athletic for?
It is for you if you want to put the work in to become an athletic, capable and skilled boxer.

What if it is not for me?
There is a money back guarantee if it is not what you are looking for

Remember to grab your space today as there are only 4 spaces in each session.

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