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Find out how I can help you improve how you FEEL about training in less than an hour.

Hi I’m Emily

Personally, I have always appreciated the need for sports massage to compliment my training. Over the last 7 years I have competed in age group triathlon and white water rafting, representing GB at European and World Championships. It was during this period of intense training that I became interested in my own well being and recovery choosing to learn more about sports therapy.

My own interest in sports ultimately led me to where I am today. As a qualified sports therapist I am able to help people get the most out of their training. From my experience and the feedback I have attained from my clients I know that sports massage can reduce tension within the muscles leading to improved recovery times, reduced muscle soreness and stiffness.

Reducing muscle soreness mentally creates a more positive attitude to training, as well as physically helping you to continue exercising, not forgetting the relaxation benefits! Massage also helps reduce the risk of injury, keeping you on target to achieve your training goals.

From my own personal experience I know that sports men and women have teams of therapists and coaches supporting them and so I am pleased to say that I can give you access to some of that support with the click of a button.

Follow the link below to the live online booking system and you will be able to secure your sports massage treatment at a time that works for you.

  1. Follow this link - http://bit.ly/2lauVby
  2. Log in or Register on our Self Service System.
  3. Take a look at the Book Classes tab.
  4. Check out when Emily has availability on the calendar.
  5. Click on the slot you want, Click Buy Package, and select Sports Massage: Emily ½ hr (for a 1 hour massage you need to book 2 x ½ hour slots!)
  6. BOOM you’re done

My sessions are bookable in 30 minute slots giving you the flexibility to choose how long you need.

If you are looking to recover quickly between training sessions, reduce muscle soreness and stiffness or simply enhance recovery and get the feel good factor, then I look forward to being part of your support team!

Don’t forget to Register here http://bit.ly/2lauVby and bookmark the website so when you're ready for that massage you can click and recover.

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