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12 Month PowerTap/ Polar/ Garmin/ Suunto On-Line Training Plan

Suitable For:
Cyclists with PowerTap or Polar devices who are completing a competitive season and would like to have their training monitored on a more regular basis and improve on last years results.


  1. Regular monitoring of your training. Email your PowerTap Link .csv files or your Polar Precision Performance .pdd and/or .hrm files and we will analyse these and report on the results.
    We can now receive Garmin files (units Forerunner 50, 201,301,205,305, 310XT, 405 and Edge 205, 305 and 705) and also Suunto (units T6 and T6c) are now compatible.
  2. Tailored training programmes based on those results and specific to your needs.

Cost: £316.60    

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